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Allerton Equine announces the immediate offering of laser therapy to patients within our service area. The addition is part of Allerton Equine’s continued investment in advanced technologies and progressive procedures in veterinary medicine.

Lasers have been used in human medicine for over 30 years, and are beginning to make huge advances in the veterinary field as doctors and animal lovers learn more about the benefits they can provide. Research suggests that the family pet is increasingly treated as a member of the family, and maintaining a quality of life for that pet is very important to the owner.

Laser therapy has several benefits over traditional pain and mobility treatments. During therapy, the patented delivery system synchronizes superior energy frequencies delivering superior results in less time painlessly, without side effects, risk, or even the use of drugs.

The versatility of the laser allows a doctor to treat sore muscles and joints, degenerative joint conditions, neurological pain, chronic non-healing wounds as wells as anti-inflammatory conditions.

For additional information about laser therapy, contact the staff at Allerton Equine at (215)536-8759.

Additional information on MLS Therapy Laser and other technologies in veterinary medicine is available from Cutting Edge Laser Technologies at (800) 889-4184 or

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